Fos Ilica 17 5 11 Landing

Nutra-Sorb FOSILICA 17-5-11  is a new nutrient combination of PO3 phosphite and potassium silicate in a perfect marriage of two powerful plant stress fighters that work together from two different modes of action to enhance turf quality. Phosphite chemically stimulates turf defenses to stress while silica works to physically harden turf against stress, as well as toughens turf to make it more resilient and faster to recover from physical damage and hard play.

Phosphorous in the form of Phosphite (PO3) is radically different than the traditional form of Phosphate (PO4). Phosphite (PO3) increases the energy level within the plant by increasing ATP production, the energy storage battery in the plant that powers all physiological functions, such as photosynthesis and new cell development.

Whether it’s environmental extremes or root and shoot production, turf is in a constant state of Resisting, Repairing and Recovering from some environmental and/or physiological stress. Phosphite (PO3) increases turf’s internal energy reserves and helps turf to Resist, Repair and Recover from stress conditions that threaten turf quality and even survival.

Soluble Silica is taken up by the plant and translocated to the leaf area where it is deposited in layers beneath the epidermis. Silica toughens the leaf, acting like armor plates against environmental stresses. The increased mechanical strength improves turf’s resistance and becomes less problematic. The added strength makes the plant less dependent on osmotic pressure for leaf and stem turgidity, resulting in more

drought tolerance. Fosilica with high levels of PO3, soluble silica (Si) and K-PRIME potassium acetate is highly advanced with significant advantages over traditional N-P-K foliar fertilizers.

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